The vampires on Earth are all dead.

It has been more than one hundred years since they were defeated by the mysterious assassin known as Ian MacBane. Years of living as a warrior without purpose, MacBane is left scarred and pondering his own existence. The once great vampire hunter now lives in isolation on the Isle of Hy Brasil with his caretaker, Duffy Kilbride. Disconnected from the world he once saved, he defies death using an arcane “serum” created through science and alchemy that grants him immortality and a youthful appearance.

Though all is not as it appears…

Now a painter with an art career spanning hundreds of years, the eccentric MacBane has become the greatest mystery the art world has ever known. Some believe him to be an immortal being while others regard him as the greatest hoax in history – an artist whose brush is handed down from master to apprentice. His visceral paintings have one thing in common – a beautiful woman he sees in his dreams; a woman he has no memory of every knowing. Yet she haunts him through his very own work and he cannot explain the love he has for her. Only that he is heartbroken with every passing thought of her. Circumstances take an unexpected turn when he receives an invitation to an art exhibition that will showcase his collective works. The invitation would have gone ignored, just as a thousand before it. But this one came with a photo of a special musical guest that will make her world debut at the exhibition – a woman identical to the one that MacBane has painted a thousand times over. 

Against better judgment, MacBane and Kilbride depart for the event staged in a remote area of the Ukrainian mountains – an area accessible only by helicopter and surrounded with frozen tundra. MacBane enters the resort made entirely of glass with Kilbride at his side. Why is this place so familiar? The patrons are seated for dinner as MacBane’s ghostly muse takes center stage, playing the violin. What begins as an evening of artistic celebration quickly takes a terrible turn when a team of highly trained soldiers invade the resort and take the guests hostage. MacBane finds himself on the run, protecting the mysterious woman who fuels his passion.

Who are these men? And what do they want?

MacBane learns that the attackers are lead by small group of the world's last surviving vampires: the cult of The Children of Judas. These creatures, thought extinct until now, are seeking the lost blood of a vampire queen which they plan to use to repopulate their species.  Now trapped with nowhere to run and with only 14 hours till dawn, MacBane must uncover a startling secret locked in his own lost memories.

Both MacBane and the Children of Judas are now on the same ticking time clock.  Will MacBane save the woman he loves and the hostages he has sworn to protect?  Or will The Children of Judas' sinister plot come into full effect with the resurrection of their vampire queen at the deaths of the innocents at hand? 

Created by : Neil D'Monte

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Created by : Neo Edmund 

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